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Golf for Cause® - Helping You to Turn Golf into Gold®!

Golf is a powerful connector- especially in business. Whether you play the game or not, you can use golf to achieve your goals.
A golf-loving client or prospect has a favorite salesperson- one who shares his/her interest in the game. The perception that client-golf consists of playing 18 holes of golf is just that - a perception. Sometimes it is the traditional 18-holes of golf. And other times it's a group clinic, attending a tournament, dining at the golf course, or even gifting a subscription to a golf magazine.
As more women take on leadership roles in the corporate world, it's no surprise that more women are hitting the links. Men and women playing golf together for business introduces added protocols to a game already laden with etiquette and rules. The game continues to evolve and open new doors.
Golf for Cause supports this evolution and growth of the game through creative programs, workshops, and services.
A Message for Women:
It's a known fact that women, as a group, don't participate in the game of golf to the extent that men do. For the most part, they see the game of golf as a "mystery" to which only men hold the key. Yet, the message businesswomen hear today is that golf is a widely accepted playing field for conducting business and they are missing out on opportunities by not participating.
"Are you missing a critical business skill?"
The golf community has created "women-only" golf clinics targeting the female executive. Statistically, women are the largest new group coming to the game of golf today. Yet, often frustrated with their skill-set, they are also the largest group that leaves the game and does not return.
What's missing in the "critical business skill" message is the business dimension. Golf for Cause teaches women (and men) how to use golf as business tool (to create opportunities, to forward relationships) because it's more than just about going out and hitting golf balls. Golf for Cause provides the keys and the tools to demystify the game.
Turn Golf into Gold®.
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