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Carnoustie Compatibility Mode

Sporting my “perfect” polo out and about with Cori Matheson, LPGA USGA Girls Golf


As summer nears, my husband and I are planning our golf trips and are ready to start packing!

Two years ago, we enjoyed an amazing trip southwest Ireland. “Enjoyed” is quite the understatement—we’ve encouraged three more couples to join us for a repeat performance this June. As part of our preplanning, we gathered over lunch last weekend to review flight arrangements, golf courses, betting games, tourist attractions, songs to know, adult beverage preferences (Guinness vs Jamison) and, of course, wardrobe.

I turned to my girlfriend sitting next to me and said, “I have the perfect top to bring this time!”  My “perfect” shirt is the new stretch stripe polo from Carnoustie. Right from the package it was comfortable—great lines and not boxy, which we women experience with some clothing lines that specialize in menswear. Yet after washing the shirt, wow!—even softer and more comfortable. It sports a unique three-quarter length sleeve  and breathes well.  It’s lightweight and, with a bit of spandex, doesn’t wrinkle.

I admit to being the practical packer.  Clothing better not wrinkle—early morning tee times don’t accommodate pulling out the iron and ironing board in the hotel room. And, clothes should dry overnight after a quick wash so that I can wear them again.

Because we’re heading to Ireland, there’s a high probability of a raindrop or two. Living in the Arizona desert, I’m quite accustomed to layering—chilly mornings, warm days and the occasional cooler evenings. Layering with the intent to play golf in the rain is different. It adds the importance of not feeling constricted.  My “perfect” Carnoustie polo is designed for performance so there’s no constricted movement under an outer rain shell. Like I said, perfect for Ireland, perfect for anywhere.

Make your summer plans, check out Carnoustie and start packing!

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