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What’s in Your Golf Bag Pockets?

New golfers often feel overwhelmed when they begin to realize how seemingly much there is to learn – how to hold or grip the golf clubs, how to swing them, how far apart your feet should be, which club should you use for a given shot, and oh, by the way, what are all the zippered pockets on my golf bag for? 

Some of the pockets are intended to hold the important things that help you step confidently onto the golf course and look fabulous doing it. You might not be a terrific golfer (yet), but you want to look like one!

Pack your pockets right and you’ll be ready for anything. Say you set out from home on a beautiful summer day. The sun is high in the sky and its rays wrap you in warmth. But you know it won’t last, as the weather forecast calls for change later in the day. You have no worries, though, because in one of your golf bag’s larger, zippered pockets you packed a beautiful piece of outerwear.

Frankly I’m a fan of fun outerwear and Antigua offers a variety to fit all occasions. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • The Delta ¼ zip long-sleeve pullover with pockets. It has a self-collar and the accents along the sides are very slimming! Mine proved to be quite handy during the Golfweek Rater Challenge in Arizona. It snowed in Scottsdale!
  • The Adventure is a lightweight windbreaker. There’s definitely room in your golf bag for this piece and room for you to feel comfortable swinging a club while wearing the jacket. With a full zipper and the contrasting accents you’ll even look sharp! There’s a bungie toggle to gather the bottom of the jacket so that it fits you to a tee.
  • I can’t seem to keep the Serenity pullover in my golf bag. While playing golf with my daughter, I noticed her looking through the pockets in my golf bag. She found the Serenity, tried it on and then wouldn’t give it back! The raglan shoulders, ½ zip and spandex make it very easy to pull on and off, and it’s VERY comfortable.  With the geometric jacquard pattern and stylish seaming on the back, you’ll look great – and slender! I personally like the blue – one of those universal colors that everyone can wear.
  • The Divine Vest is not only classy, it’s reversible and waterproof! As a vest, you can swing freely and it has several pockets to hold everything you want with you on the course. With slendering lines, not surprisingly, my daughter “borrowed” the vest from my golf bag. I’m not holding my breath as I wait for her to return it!

Whichever style you choose, pullover, vest, full-zip windbreaker, you’ll have a stylish, functional piece of outerwear in your golf bag pockets and you’ll always be prepared – for weather and to look fabulous!

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Debbie Waitkus is the President and Founder of Golf for Cause®, an innovative consultancy, fully committed to helping others Turn Golf into Gold® with a goal to provide services that encourage golf to be used as a strategic tool in business development. To learn more visit: http://www.golfforcause.com/. To schedule a Golf for Cause event (i.e. inspirational keynote speaker, clinic, and/or a Get Your Golf On! book signing) call 602. 840. 0607.

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