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Gold Nugget #1 Giving Back


McKenzie Jackson is on a mission. Petite with long black hair, a genuine smile and dancing eyes that shine, McKenzie was fortunate to be a participant on the Golf Channel's Big Break Mexico in pursuit of her dream to play golf on the LPGA Tour.
Last week she forwarded her mission by hosting a golf event to raise funds, not only for her dream, but also for prostate cancer awareness. As a participant at her event along with several good friends, we enjoyed our own Big Break experience (breaking the glass and hitting over a wall) while giving back at the same time.
As a tearful and appreciative McKenzie stood at the podium during the awards reception, an unmistakable feeling of joy and community filled the room. McKenzie was joined by friends and family who had selflessly helped make the day a success. Also present to lend support were at least two professional athletes, who no doubt understand McKenzie's path: Jim McMahon (Chicago Bears) and Roy Green (Arizona Cardinals).
Make note of the upcoming charity golf outings in your area. Can you help someone with their mission or perhaps your shared mission? How can you make a difference?
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." ~ Helen Keller
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