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A Slice Of Life With Chocolate On It

Patrons were watching and eavesdropping with amusement as a couple of 75-year-olds new to smart phone technology sat shoulder-to-shoulder at the bar trying to help each other navigate through Samsung settings, apps and changing screens. She'd lean over for a look at his screen; he'd lean over to look at hers. With each breakthrough they'd high-five triumphantly and press on, ever more excited, lost in their own world and having a great time being there together.
Lucette, treating herself to an evening out, had maneuvered her way to the bar for a cocktail. The gentleman next to her introduced himself and struck up a conversation. Lucette and Mike discovered they were both in transition and interested in the other's insight on life alone after a spouse has passed.
She told him about the 48 wonderful years of marriage to Ed, and how they'd met at Firehouse Station 1 in San Jose, where she was working as a typist. She recalled looking up one day and seeing Ed sliding down the pole. The fire started right then and there. With her four kids from a previous marriage, and his two, they got married and had another one. They would eventually have 12 grandchildren. In 2000 they left California and moved to Pebble Creek, Arizona. She worked as an usher at the stadium, and volunteered at West Valley Hospital and AZ Adobe Animal Rehab until Ed's Alzheimers required her full-time presence at home. Mike wanted to know what Lucette was doing to fill her days now that Ed was gone. She was involved in a few community activities, she informed him, including the Marilynn Smith LPGA Charity Pro Am Golf Tournament, as a volunteer helping to raise money for girls to go to college and play golf.
Mike couldn't believe it. GOLF? She'd uttered the magic word. And the LPGA right in his back yard?! He wanted to know about the tournament, and told her he wanted to play. He also told her about his late wife's business, Loves Chocolate, which he closed down when she passed on. Lucette's involvement with the tournament had got him thinking...maybe he should re-open the business and be a tournament sponsor to gain exposure.
Lucette seized the moment and urged him to act fast — the foursomes were going quickly. And that, my friends, is when the craziness with the smart phones started as they hurried to get him registered as a player and a sponsor.
Golf is more than an 18 or 9-hole round. It's an amazing social experience that brings people together and enriches their lives – on and off the fairways.
Chocolate, anyone?
Turn golf into gold.®

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