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The Gift of Golf


Meet the sorority sisters - Lois and Sally. They’re enjoying a much welcomed (and needed) Sunday morning at the golf course. 

They don’t carry visions of spectacular rounds of golf. Don’t get me wrong, they DO want to play well.  What they do carry is the burden of being caretakers. Lois’ husband is in assisted living and Sally’s husband should be.  Golf is their amazing gift, providing them a break as caretakers and a fabulous way to enjoy their friendship.

Ask Lois why she loves golf and she’d tell you that she loves to be outdoors with friends.

What about you?  Why do you love golf? How many of these would you agree with?

  • Tony enjoys that it’s socially acceptable to drink beer Lois-Sally-at-Gainey-Ranch-on-the-tee
  • Jill loves golf because it’s how she met her husband
  • Taba, similar to Jill, met her life partner through golf and now summers in Ireland
  • Silver, who has many friends that play golf, is inspired by Jill and Taba and looks forward to meeting her life partner on the golf course
  • Joyce loves the friends she’s met through golf 
  • Mary loves golf because she's so darn competitive and can beat the boys 
  • Dan declares his love for golf, the second best stress reliever he knows
  • Susan enjoys league play – she has something to look forward to every Thursday
  • Gerry loves golf but wishes that golf loved him
  • Danny  loves the views…she lives on a golf course
  • Caroline loves golf because she can spend time with her mom
  • Dwight loves golf because you can't play it inside his office
  • Ann likes the shoes… and the shopping
  • Tim loves that every time he goes out to play, he can beat the crap out of something 105 times!
  • Larry loves golf because it's turned him into a travel writer and the perks are fabulous!
  • Ron loves golf because he gets to be with his friends and meet some new and “interesting” people
  • Chris enjoys having an activity to do with his lovely wife in addition to hiking
  • Gary loves that golf is unique – both men and women can play, even when our bodies are falling apart; it's a sport that we can still feel young again
  • Larry loves that playing golf is like taking a vacation with three other friends, male and female, without interruptions
  • Helen (Larry’s wife) loves golf because she can have a sweet time with her husband and still continue to talk

Tell us - why do you love golf?  How is it a gift in your life? 

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2015!  Like Lois and Sally, may you make time to tee it up with friends (old and new), family and colleagues. And encourage someone new to the game to start swinging.  Keep loving golf and let it love you!  Turn Golf into Gold®!

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