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Welcome Hannah Stuart to the Golf for Cause Team!

Picture of Hannah

Hannah Stuart will be a senior at Arizona State University this year in the esteemed W.P. Carey School of Business. Studying Business Communication and Business Sports and Media Studies, Hannah found Golf for Cause through ASU’s Sports Business Association. She liked what she heard about Golf for Cause, and reached out to Debbie after researching the company. Speaking with Debbie made her like Golf for Cause even more. She liked how Debbie’s business model targets women, but also men, and gets them not only involved in golf but teaches them how to use it as a business tool. Hannah feels that women sometimes still get put on the back burner in the business world, and believes an ability to play golf could be a valuable asset.

“Debbie is proactive and strong and dedicated to making golf a great business tool for women. I have always been intimidated by golf, I guess because I never understood it. When I talked to her and heard her enthusiasm, it gave me the feeling that anyone is welcome, and that golf is super fun. I found myself wanting to get out there! She eliminated the intimidation factor for me within seconds.” 

When she was younger, Hannah sometimes went to the driving range with her father. She liked it, because it was fun, but it was frustrating too. She’s ready take it up again, and thinks it would be great to get out for a round of golf with her dad.  

Hannah has jumped in at Golf for Cause assisting with the Nine & Wine golf mentoring program and several golf fundraisers – The Marilynn Smith Charity Pro-Am, Partners in Action “Next Up” on the Tee Tournament and National Bank’s Winter Swing Charitable Golf Tournament.

Looking ahead, she isn’t sure where she’ll be in five years, but hopes it has something to do with sports and communication. She thinks it would be interesting to work on the business side of communications and media outreach to the public for a company involved with college or professional sports. For now, she likes what she is doing with ASU’s Athletic Development Center, which is working with athletes to make sure they are on top of their grades and motivated so they can keep playing and stay in school. She also encourages them to be passionate about something in addition to sports. “I try to help them make good decisions,” she says.

Hannah, you made a good decision of your own in joining Golf for Cause. Welcome to the (golf) club!

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