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Get Your Golf On! Bulk Sales of 10 or More Copies


Get Your Golf On! Bulk Sales of 10 or More Copies 00000
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What you'll learn:

  • How to get started, including wardrobe and equipment
  • Etiquette and basic rules, even how to drive a golf cart and read a scorecard
  • How to take your game, even as a beginner, to the golf course
  • Common golf terminology
  • How others got into the game and how golf will enrich your life, too

Contact us with your questions at: info@golfforcause.com

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"Get Your Game On" is the perfect gift, guide and reference for any new golfer getting into the game - whether for social or business reasons. For instructors - the clever personalization option helps your students remember you from page 1. I include this book in all my Golf 101 programs." ~ Char Carson, LPGA Teaching Professional

Get Your Golf On! Testimonials

  • ~ John Pat Bourassa
    USGTF Certified Golf Instructor

    “What a great book! Great quotes and great bold emphasis and definitions! Congratulations!”

  • ~ Sandy LaBauve
    LPGA and PGA Class A Teaching Professional, Founder of LPGA*USGA Girls Golf

    “Get Your Golf On” is a wonderful handbook to accompany your golf instruction and get you playing the game. Ultimately, you have to feel like you belong in the sport. This little book will have you feeling like a golfer before you ever take the first swing.

    “Debbie Waitkus covers the basics in what to wear, what equipment you need, and how to navigate around the course. She introduces you to ‘golf lingo’ and speaks to you as a supportive friend, sharing stories and quotes from others that have ventured into this game. Their insight will give you the confidence to accept invitations to play, and inspire you to ask others to play with you. So, take your lessons from an LPGA or PGA Professional, read this handbook and join us at the course. We are waiting for you on the tee!”

  • ~ Deb Vangellow
    LPGA Master Professional, LPGA Past National President, Riverbend Country Club - Houston, Texas

    "Debbie's book is a WINNER! This all-inclusive golf book covers everything a new golfer wants and needs to know on the journey from the initial understanding of equipment, apparel, terminology, rules, and etiquette to the importance of skill development, and finally, taking those skills to the golf course to play this wonderful game we all love...a terrific progression that will help the knowledge, transfer, and comfort level of every new golfer. I recommend this book to my students as it effectively answers so many of the questions new players tend to have in a friendly and easy to understand manner. The stories that are shared throughout the book show the significant connection between business and golf...a very nice addition. Congratulations, Debbie...well done!"

  • ~ Nancy Lopez Russell
    LPGA, World Golf Hall of Fame

    “In this wonderful little book are the keys for easy access to my happy place—and it can become yours too—the golf course! Get Your Golf On! is a delightful collection of tips, anecdotes, information, and expertise collected from people who love the game and wish to share it with you.”

  • ~ Pat Mullaly
    Editor, GolfGurls.com

    "In this easy to read guide for beginning golfers, Debbie Waitkus of Golf for Cause shares her enthusiasm for the game and encouragement for all those women who want to play golf but are perhaps too intimidated to start. Beginning with her own story of hitting the course for the first time, she answers every question a beginning golfer is likely to ask. What to wear, what equipment to buy, borrow or rent, where to practice, and basic tips about golf etiquette and rules every golfer should know. Including reflections from a wide variety of recreational and professional golfers, Get Your Golf On! offers inspiration for every beginning golfer. Deb's goal in writing the book was to remove the fear factor so many new golfers face. Get Your Golf On! does just that."

  • ~ Char Carson
    LPGA Teaching Professional

    "A valuable book for so many types of golfers: tentative ("not sure if I want to get into this game") golfers, those just starting out or even playing for a couple of years, and experienced golfers looking to improve their personal or business relationships through golf. I highly recommend this to golfers of all skill levels and will encourage my students to get a copy today! A fabulous guide for building your confidence in the game of golf."

  • ~ Christina Thompson
    Founder & CEO Golf4Her

    "Any female who is toying with the idea of playing golf but is nervous about what to expect will love this book. It breaks down the fear-factor and anxiety so many novice female golfers have about playing golf, especially since it's such a male dominated sport and there are very few resources for us women. Even as an avid golfer, I found it interesting and really fun to read.

    “What I really enjoyed is how descriptive Debbie is in explaining the various aspects of the game from what equipment to use, how it's used to what gear you need and why. Even what to do at the range. Get Your Golf On! answers every question a new golfer has about playing golf. The dialogue made me feel like I was having a one-on-one chat with one of my best friends about golf. Brilliant!"

  • ~ Jan Bel Jan
    ASGCA Golf Course Architect, Jan Bel Jan Golf Course Design, 2019-2020 President ASGCA

    "What an impressive collection of universal experiences! Rich with information and common-sense advice, this book is the next best thing to having a personal golf mentor. Throughout the book are reflections of women who became Debbie's (the author's) friends. They are women who enjoy golf and its social, business and health advantages. Their anecdotes relate what can happen to you when you "Get Your Golf On!"

  • ~ Susan Fornoff
    Gotta Go Golf

    "Here's a book that makes a perfect gift for the woman you'd like to play golf with, except that she doesn't play. For all of the advancements in golf for women, the game still puts off newbies. The guys will just bluff their way through the awkwardness of picking up a new sport, but women want to feel welcome, invited, competent. With Get Your Golf On! Debbie Waitkus has succeeded in presenting a smart, friendly invitation to women by giving them all the information they need to feel comfortable at a golf course.

    “She's not teaching the swing, the chip and the putt; rather, she offers tips on learning and practicing, plus all of the ancillary information required to make a tee time, check in, dress appropriately, keep score, navigate the golf course and observe all of the important etiquette and important rules."

  • ~ Pam Swensen
    P.S. Let’s Talk Golf

    "Get Your Golf On! is an easy read with specific tools to build your golf confidence and knowledge of what this fabulous game is all about. It will definitely give you knowledge to get you on the "radar screen" of your colleagues and bosses. As women, we want to know as much as possible about what we are getting into. So, for those of you looking to get into the sport of golf, Get Your Golf On! will certainly help you with your learning curve. It's a 'high five read."

  • ~ Tom Matzen
    International best-selling author, speaker, and serial entrepreneur @ravingfans4life

    "As a relatively new golfer I was fortunate to have as my first mentor a women business professional. Not only did she teach me to play from the forward tees in the beginning ("you'll learn faster" is all I needed to hear), but she helped school me in the art and science of building relationships on the golf course. Women are natural relationship builders, and since then I've learned that they therefore have a huge advantage in playing business golf with men. I strongly encourage you share this book with anyone you know that wants to have more prosperity, energy and joy, it's a book I wish I had when I started to learn to play golf ten years ago."

  • ~ Suzy Whaley
    Director of Instruction Suzy Whaley Golf, Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor, 2019 President, PGA of America

    "Debbie is a friend who has worked tirelessly to empower women through the game of golf. As a PGA Professional and LPGA T & CP Professional, we welcome all women to get out on the golf course to enjoy everything golf has to offer. As Debbie's title states, read this book and "Get Your Golf On,"

  • ~ Larry Berle
    Author, A Golfer's Dream, www.GolfersDream.com

    "If you are new to golf, or thinking about becoming new to golf, this is the book for you. Deb covers everything you need to know or may want to know about how to find your own joy in the game and find success in all that surrounds golf. You will probably find yourself keeping this as a reference to refer to as you progress in the game"

  • ~ Lynn Stellman
    LPGA Class A Member, LPGA T&CP Hall of Fame, LPGA & Golf Digest Best Women Teachers In The USA

    "Get Your Golf On! is a must read and a fun read for all entering this great game of golf. The reader will surely enjoy the stories from all who took that first step to start the game and finally taking the big first step on the first tee. Play On!"

  • ~ Elizabeth Noblitt
    Integrity Styling

    "Get Your Golf On! answers the questions aspiring golfers don't want or don't know to ask, and shares core information to prepare them for their first round. With its humor and inspiring anecdotes, it is a must read for the beginning golfer."

  • ~ Allen Bonk
    President & CEO – Rinno Technologies, Inc.

    "I've had the pleasure of both playing golf with Deb and, being in an environment where her expertise in the area of golf, business golf and her keen understanding of 'human nature' were able to shine through. Deb's insights into all things golf from the perspective of women playing with men and men playing with women is truly unsurpassed. She has it figured out!

    “Through Get Your Golf On! she brings a thoughtful practicality to the game that considers not only the rules of the game but the frailness of us as people in a setting where anxiety can easily rule the day. Deb makes it fun, relaxed and yet purposeful. Her understanding of the nuances of this wonderful yet at times, frustrating pastime make her book a must read for anyone just starting out with the game or as a great reminder for those of us who are more seasoned.

    “If you play golf for business or pleasure, Get Your Golf On! is the perfect book for your bedside."

  • ~ Donna Orender
    Orender Unlimited, LLC

    "At the intersection of passion and interest with a dose of insight and practical suggestions is Deb Waitkus' new guide for those who want to take the game of golf up and are just not quite sure what questions to answer let alone ask. Her long involvement with the game as a passionate advocate for all of the good that it plays in our lives is very much evident in the great anecdotes she collected and the very helpful, easy to understand guide tips she provides to get you over the threshold. I have already read it once and even with my familiarity with the game picked up a few new tips and know with my second reading I will pick up a few more. Get Your Golf On! has me moving to the first tee."

  • ~ Linda Dillenbeck
    The Image Group

    "This book is awesome. Perfect for newcomers to the game as well as a terrific refresher for veterans. Great job Debbie!"

  • ~ Jill Strite
    Founder Versatile Golf, LPGA Teaching Professional

    “Golf can be complicated. There are so many equipment options, rules of play and etiquette lessons designed to keep the game honorable. Get Your Golf On! educates the reader on all these subjects and more in an easy-to-follow format. It’s a fun read with realistic examples that set up the reader for success both on and off the course.”

  • ~ Peter Longo
    "The King Of Clubs," Former PGA Tour Player, Trick Shot Champion

    "Get Your Golf On! is excellent! I am very pleased by your insight on the many unknowns a beginner has about starting in golf. It is a must read for every woman, (and male too), who is picking up the game. It answers a lot of questions with very useful and quite accurate information of the ins and outs of golf as it is played in the 21st century."

  • ~ Debbie O’Connell
    President Live Positive and Golf Positive, Class A LPGA Teaching Professional

    “Be inspired by Get Your Golf On! It’s a must read for all golfers! Debbie brilliantly weaves anecdotes of a journey into the game of golf resulting in an informative and entertaining read!

  • ~ Diane Fru
    Owner, Golf Fore Gals, British Columbia and Maui

    “From the front cover with a picture of gals just having fun, to the back cover with author Debbie Waitkus and LPGA Co-founder Marilynn Smith, Get Your Golf On! is a must-have resource for new golfers, and a wonderful reference for more seasoned players.

    “Get Your Golf On! puts FUN into the FUNdamentals of golf. I love the lessons contained in the anecdotes that complement every chapter - all add extra value and meaning for the female golfer wanting to become engaged in the game.

    “I am very impressed with this book and share it with our Golf Fore Gals members and guests whenever I can. Thanks, Debbie for a fantastic resource for us female golfers, and for your energy and wisdom that is apparent throughout the book.

  • ~ Jenn Harris
    CEO, High Heel Golfer

    "I'm not going to lie, when I first bought this book, I thought it would be another dry 'how to play the game' book. But to my surprise, Get Your Golf On! is the best beginners guide to golf on the market for women. If you are a woman thinking about getting into golf or are a man who knows of a woman thinking about getting into golf this is the book to read! Debbie's style is as flowing as a Harry Potter novel but is packed full of great tips and etiquette that will make you feel comfortable on the course. Forget keeping a rule book in your bag. Debbie Waitkus' book Get Your Golf On! is the new rule book for the casual female golfer!"

  • ~ Brian Kolehma
    PGA, Blackstone Country Club

    “Get Your Golf On! is simplistically informative. Very efficient. It was an easy read and once I started, I couldn't put it down. Good Job!

  • ~ Azucena Maldonado
    Founder, Latina Golfers Association

    “The practical tips and anecdotes found in Get Your Golf On! make it a great resource for me to fulfill the mission of the Latina Golfers Association: empowering women through golf. It’s an easy read, great for women new to the game and provides valuable and applicable information for those wanting to learn how to play business golf.”