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Wayne Brown Memorial HoHoKam Golf Classic
Friday, December 08, 2017, 06:45am - 02:00pm
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Mayor Brown's indelible footprint was the way in which he moved the City of Mesa forward from its arts programs to its financial standing. Under his leadership, the city saw a new spring training facility built, a new convention center created and the establishment of the Mesa Arts Center. Everyone who knew him can recall how he pursued everything with passion and worked tirelessly to improve the lives of people around him. One of these passions was that of mentoring the local youth.  Being a member of The HoHoKams of Mesa helped bring this vision to life by their commitment to mentoring youth in sports.

To honor his legacy, the theme for this year's Wayne Brown Memorial Golf Tournament is "pursue your dreams, live your passion." 


The Hohokam community has had the privilege of supporting youth sports in the Valley for nearly sixty years.  How wonderful to reflect on the support provided to our youth over the years and to see how their dreams have manifested into people of impact. What a legacy! 


This year, you will be able to interact with young people during the day through the eyes of their dreams through a Dream Board and other engaging activities centered around the Dreams of our youth and how you can help propel them forward! 


Quoting the youth benefiting from the Mesa Hohokam grants, here's how your participation makes an impact...

"My coach has taught me so much about commitment to others, and how to turn teammates into family."

"Baseball is important to me beacause I work countless hours everyday to become the best I can be to have a better opporutnity to get a scholarship."

"Coach has taught me how to care for people that are close to me and for the people who always support me."

Longtime friend, Wayne Pomeroy commented how Mayor Brown had vision and was someone who looked beyond the horizon and said, "What can I do to build this community for the next generation?" 


Help make this tournament one to remember for the ages, forwarding Mayor Brown's vision.

Location Longbow Golf Club
Join the Mesa Hohokams in suppoting kids dreams - for more than 6 decades!