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    Turning Golf Into Gold

Golf for Cause is a consultancy – developing strategies to accomplish goals by incorporating golf, speaking programs, custom golf events, book signings. How can we help you Turn Golf into Gold®?

Everyone defines the “gold” a bit differently.

When I speak to women about golf and how it is good for business, I share a story from when I worked in commercial real estate. A group of brokers were touring our building. I showed them my office. One gentleman noticed a golf trophy on my credenza and remarked, “Deb, I didn’t know you played golf! We ought to grab the sticks and tee it up sometime!” The very next day, he sent me two deals. He didn’t ask what the trophy was for. It was a golf trophy and that’s what mattered. I had barely started playing the game, but I had a trophy for being a member of the winning team in the women’s division of the Mortgage Brokers Spring Golf Tournament. Yes, we were the only women’s team in the tournament, but that golf trophy rendered immediate benefits. The message was clear: I could turn golf into gold!

Since launching Golf for Cause,® I have advocated that “golf can bring gold into your life” regardless of how well you play, and even if you don’t play. But, the gold I speak of is not just monetary. It is friendships, forwarding relationships, teambuilding, client development, outreach and, yes, even the $5 bet!. It is quality time with people you care about. It’s a way to connect with nature. It is healthy. It’s a vehicle for going places you never thought you’d go and to meet new people. Everyone defines the gold a bit differently – yet, the bottom line is – golf is an amazing connector and enriches your life.